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Confident Marketing

We are an interactive web and marketing agency, specializing in creative solutions through custom websites and software, brand perception and marketing strategy. Everything we do is backed by a promise to understand how marketing impacts business growth.

Our work has touched industries including banking, telecommunications, professional services, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, real estate, agriculture and higher education — including being recently named one of Kansas State University’s official on-call agency partners.

The top priority is always our clients’ success, and the game plan is simple — we listen to our clients, and we don't believe in one-size-fits-all prefabricated solutions. This means close collaboration with our clients throughout the entire process.  By listening for important goals, challenges and aspirations, we develop a strategic approach that resonates with their target customers.

Client of the Week

The Embassy Group Finds A New Landscape on Web

The Embassy Landscape Group was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Riverside, Missouri. The LLC was created with the mission to provide exceptional service that builds value by creating, improving, protecting, and maintaining natural environments. In 2020, the business wanted to create a new custom website to refresh their company image, incorporate easier navigation tools, integrate user-friendly features, and update images. Providing top-quality videos for their customers is important to Embassy Landscape Group because incorporating visual representations is a good way to communicate engagement and movement on a website.

Embassy landscape website on computer


JNT Content

How to Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand is the heart of who your business is and shapes the way your customers perceive and choose you among competitors. Developing a brand is more than just a logo; it also involves many interconnected factors all designed to persuade how people will think or feel about your business. If something contributes to how others perceive your business then it's most likely a part of your brand. 

Branding is one of the most essential activities that your business can engage in to build a strong connection with your existing customers, draw the attention of new customers, and encourage trust and loyalty. Proper branding will also be a guide for consumers to understand what your business is and what they can expect. Strengthening your branding best practices will help gain more brand awareness for your business and further differentiate you from your competitors.

There are a few important steps to consider when working on developing and strengthening your brand to grow awareness and gain customers.

Photo of branding materials

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