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Did you know that 75% of web users admit to deciding on a company's credibility based on their website design? Can you afford for your customers to take one look at your site and go to your competitors simply for that reason? 

Here are four ways you're potentially turning your customers away. 

1)   Disorganized Content
Does the content on your website draw your readers in? Does the layout of your content make since? Webpages without headings and subheadings make it hard for readers to follow. If the content on the page is a long paragraph it will be difficult to get your audience to actually read it in its entirety. You can give your website a boost by keeping organized content, utilizing titles and bullet points, and putting emphasis on the most important content that you want your audience to know.

It is also important to review your content to be sure you have to most up to date information for your customers. Outdated content isn’t helpful for your audience and will turn them away from your website. Every year or two evaluate your website, it’s content and it’s efficiency.

2)   Poor Navigation
A website with messy navigation won’t do you any favors. If your audience can’t find the information they need within three clicks, you are likely to loose them. It’s important to have a navigation hierarchy so your audience can easily find what they are looking for. Consistent navigation on every page is the key! 

3)   Typography Mistakes
If the type on your website is too small, your audience won’t be able to read your content. On the flip size, if your type is too big, it can look bulky and unprofessional. Choose a font size that looks professional and can easily be read on a desktop, laptop and smartphone. 

Choosing too many typefaces also contribute to the difficult readability of your site. Using more than three typefaces on a single page becomes very distracting for the reader. Select no more than three typefaces and make sure they relate to the theme of your website.

4)   Color
The colors on your website are what your audience views before they begin to read your content. Similar to the type you choose, the colors on your site have to make since with the theme of your website. If every color of the rainbow is represented on your website, you’re probably driving readers away by the unprofessional look. To avoid using too many colors, select a color scheme with no more than five colors. The colors you choose should make since with the message your company is trying to convey and use those colors throughout your entire website.

If you have noticed any these design mistakes on your companies website, let JNT Company help!