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{JNT Company News }
Flint Hills Home Show 2016:
We're pleased to showcase one of our most recent website launches, Fox Home Innovations, which was unveiled at their booth in the 2016 Flint Hills Home Show. Congratulations to Fox Home Innovations on
their website launch and another successful home show!
JNT Hosts Flint Hills IO Meeting:
JNT Company hosted the March meeting for Flint Hills IO, a local community of web developers. The group had an introduction to Ruby on Rail Web Application Framework. The next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the JNT office. Anyone interested in web development is welcome to join regardless of experience or preferred programming platform. Click here to read
{ FAQs }
Q: Why is a responsive web design important?

A: First and foremost, responsive design is important because it allows the user to be able to properly view a webpage in the right sized browser. In other words, responsive design allows a site's layout to change as the screen size being used to view the site changes making it compatible with a multitude of different devices. Google also rewards sites for having responsive designs. Because Google uses "mobile-friendliness" as a ranking indicator, sites that are built responsively for different devices are going to have a higher ranking in search results.
Q: What is Merlinize?

A: Merlinize is our online solution for small businesses.

Okay, cool. But why the fish?
With the proper environment and nurturing, a goldfish can grow to be over 5 pounds. The ordinary goldfish that currently dwells in your measly fishbowl is typically only a few inches long.  However, a goldfish kept in an aquarium (or better yet, a pond) is a much different story.  

We like to think of a business's development and overall growth potential in the same way.  With Merlinize, our goal is to empower small businesses by providing them with the proper web solutions and marketing tools for the opportunity to grow from something small to something large. Follow us on Facebook to learn

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Success at the ADDY's:
JNT Company brought home two silver ADDY awards for our "Santa Calls You" interactive campaign and spot for Nex-Tech Wireless. Take a look at our portfolio to view the award winning work. 

Cheri Schappaugh - Web Developer
Cheri, a California-native, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to JNT Company. Prior to joining JNT, Cheri worked with both Innovation Group and then NCTC. With more than 12 years' experience as a designer working with CSS, HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and the Adobe Suite of applications, Cheri is dedicated to maintaining proficiency in all available web technologies, to the benefit of all her clients.

Cheri was first introduced to the JNT team via a few small projects, but it wasn't long before everyone recognized her unparalleled skill with web design and front-end development, and asked her to become a permanent asset to JNT Company. Because of Cheri's solid understanding of the governing principles behind end-user experiences, she excels at translating graphic designs and concepts into intuitive web interfaces and real-world applications.

Cheri is a CSS-fanatic and is passionate about creating beautiful and innovative websites that place her clients at the forefront of web and technological advancement.

In her free time Cheri enjoys hiking and exploring everything that nature has to offer.
{ Recent Launches }

Some of our most recent website launches include the Fox Home Innovations, Varney & Associates, and Centre School District websites. Check out our portfolio on to see our recent projects and launches.