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Everyone can identify this logo above. When you see it, you know the “S” stands for superman. A creative logo is one way to create brand recognition. My internship at JNT Company has taught me many things about not only web design, but also branding, that I didn't know to start out.

First of all, having a web presence is so incredibly important for any business! Whether you are a self-service business or a full medical practice, having a website is the link between your clients and you. Likewise, getting a job right out of college is all about how you "brand" yourself and present yourself to your future employer. College students all across America have extra-curricular activities, a degree and some sort of previous experience. Employers know that. How you present yourself to that employer is what sets you a part from the competition.

The second thing web design has taught me is how important it is to choose typography, photos and other design elements that match your personality and interests. If your business is a "brick and mortar" type of business, then don't choose a super modern font and layout. That would give your prospective clients the wrong impression. Confusion is not what we're going for here! Don't be afraid to let the world know who you are!