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Before we dream, create, and deliver...We hire!

Please Contact Us if interested in any of the following positions:


Full Stack Software Developer

What we are looking for

We are looking for a developer, whether self-taught or through university, who has a passion to learn and pick up new technologies on the fly and wants to make a huge impact on companies across the region. If you have the drive to solve ambiguous problems and want to work for an extremely creative company, this position is for you!


What you will be doing

You will be helping companies build their vision as well as working on internal projects for JNT!

You will work in a tight knit, collaborative team of developers and designers working on many different projects that involve touching each part of the tech stack as well as your creativity! You will also be working closely with clients alongside a technical project manager and helping to make final decisions on how an application is built. You will be able to work on websites, web applications, hybrid mobile applications and fully native mobile applications.


Technical experience that would help but is NOT required (the more that fit your description, the better!)

- PHP: The majority of our projects are PHP based. Our legacy projects are using the Codeigniter framework while new & recent projects are utilizing Laravel

- C# / .NET


-Javascript / JQuery


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