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Covid-19 Information

How We’ve Adapted & How We Can Help You

While we encourage everyone to heed the warnings, abide by the “stay at home” orders and practice social distancing when you do have to go out; we want you to know we’re still here providing services to your accounts, from our homes.

We continue to respond to emails and phone calls in as timely a manner as possible. All of our internal & external communications systems are operating. 

We have anticipated many of you needing to communicate to your audiences via your websites, social platforms, etc. We are certainly here to offer support with these line items as well.

We are living in the digital age, and we are happy to schedule meetings in a virtual environment (we use/prefer Zoom) if desired.

Please be safe, be aware, and abide by the directives provided by trusted sources such as the CDC and Kansas Department of Health & Environment


Adding a Notification to Your Website

In addition to the above information, we’ve heard your need to publish COVID-19 messaging in a fast, effective and informative manner on your websites, and we're here to deliver. 

At your request, we can add a banner to the homepage of your website displaying whatever your individual COVID messaging may be, and we can link that message to another website or page on your site if needed. 

You can view examples of this banner that we've already added on these sites:

We can customize the color of the banner, as well as the messaging and link. We cannot customize the location the banner appears nor the height of the banner, so the messaging needs to be kept brief. 

How do I get a banner added to my site? Great question! Here's what to do:

  • Send us an email at 
  • Include in your email:
    • the message you need displayed
    • any link you might need it to navigate to
    • a banner color preference

What types of information should I include in my notification?

  • Changes to protocols, store hours, and personnel or employee availability
  • Extra precautionary measures you and your business are taking and what that means for your customers
  • Other ways your business is impacted 
  • Any CDC guidelines that are applicable

This is also a great opportunity to post about these updates on social platforms since people are spending more time online. 


As always, please reach out with any questions related to your online presence. You can reach us by calling at (888) 738-9213 or by emailing


Your friends,

JNT Company

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