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Power to the people.

Merlin is a content management system (CMS) designed to make your website experience easier, with more capabilities than ever before. With easy to use templates and custom designs, Merlin builds websites that reflect your brand and grow business. Here are the latest features and improvements in our content management system.

Easily change content.

Whether you need to update a picture, alter some text, or create a whole new page, Merlin is designed to be user-friendly. With its simple interface, you can effortlessy edit your website whenever you need.

Manage your internet presence.

Merlin comes installed with Search Engine Optimization. So you can drive more traffic to your website and increase visibility of pages for your target audience. Easily view analytics in the built in dashboard so you can track your website trends.

Mobile Responsive
Adapts to fit any screen.
mobile responsive

With a mobile responsive website, viewers can easily access your content from their phones or tablets. Merlin smoothly transfers conent so that it's clean and simple to navigate on any device. In today's day and age, most of internet browsing is mobile so it's important to ensure an optimal mobile experience on your website. Merlin automatically converts your site to respond to all screens, and with no additional costs!

Link all your social media platforms.

Merlin allows you to connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest...etc. to your website. You name it; we can link it. Allowing your customers to stay up to date with your brand through all your networks.

special features
Special Feature Capabilities
You name it, we build it.

Merlin allows us to create special elements for your business. We're here to work with you and design whatever ideas you might have. Whether its a fantasy golf league or a live auction on your site, we can make it happen.

Single Sign-On
One Login. Multiple Websites.

You only need one username and password to access all of your accounts.

On-Call Support
Our staff is here for you.

Whether it's a site issue or an update, we're here to help whenever you need. JNT staff is here to work with you to make your site exactly what you want.

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