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About Nex-Tech Wireless

Nex-Tech Wireless is the premier wireless provider for rural Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado. Nex-Tech Wireless identified a need for improved wireless services in rural communities and they have sought to meet those needs since 2004. They focus on providing their customers with cutting-edge technology such as 4G LTE data, the latest wireless equipment as well as competitive wireless plans with nationwide coverage. Nex-Tech Wireless – doing wireless differently.

*Nex-Tech Wireless is a subsidiary of Rural Telephone/Nex-Tech, Golden Belt Telephone, Mutual Telephone and Tri-County Telephone

Website Design

Nex-Tech Wireless customers rely on the NTW website to pay bills, purchase new products & accessories and to monitor products; making it crucial that the online customer experience is accessible and intuitive. With that in mind, we maintain a fresh, clean and user-friendly website layout that provides an optimal web experience for NTW’s customers.

Marketing Strategy & Graphic Design

We partnered with Nex-Tech Wireless to identify, define and create a marketing strategy that marries their customer targeting with their unique value offerings. Built upon a solid foundation, the strategy is fluid and dynamic enough to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of the wireless industry. As a result of ongoing strategic planning as well as quarterly campaigns, Nex-Tech Wireless is well-positioned to hear their customer’s needs and provide practical solutions.

Additionally, expansion of the Nex-Tech Wireless brand is our primary objective. Using previously established branding, we implement fresh color schemes, logo concepts, digital graphics, tagline copy and other promotional content to reach the market in an impactful way.

Video Production

Releasing a new campaign video four times annually is an ambitious undertaking and one that we are excited to actively participate in for NTW. To accomplish the video project goals we engage our video production partners and together handle every aspect of the video production. From conceptualizing and story boarding to cast identification and production planning we, as they say, “do it all” to accomplish meaningful video messaging that speaks to the audience.


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