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About Nex-Tech Wireless

Nex-Tech Wireless, a subsidiary of Rural Telephone/Nex-Tech, Golden Belt Telephone, Mutual Telephone and Tri-County Telephone, is a premiere wireless provider offering high-tech wireless solutions to residents in 40 counties of central and western Kansas as well as local coverage to 4 counties in Colorado. Nex-Tech Wireless focuses on providing its customers cutting-edge technology including 4G LTE data and mobile services, as well as the latest wireless equipment and competitive wireless plans that provide nationwide coverage.

Website Design

JNT completely re-designed Nex-Tech Wireless' previous website. Fresh, clean, and with a user interface that creates the best experience for NTW's customers. Using JNT's custom-built content management system, Merlin®, both teams now effectively create and alter the web content to match up with their marketing strategy. 

Marketing Strategy

Working side-by-side with NTW's internal marketing team, JNT helped to build out a strategy that combines information about customer targeting with the company's unique value offerings. Next, they developed the tools for bringing it all together with a unique style of messaging. Both businesses continue to refine this strategy based on new information and current marketing practices. 

Brand Promotion

The first step of providing excellent marketing materials was developing branding for Nex-Tech Wireless. JNT created logo concepts, put together color schemes, and other promotional content. After beginning with a website, the collective team quickly expanded into working together on digital graphics, vehicle wraps, commercial videos, and much more. 

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