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Identifying problems,
creating solutions

Marketing Research and Strategy

Planning steps for success

Improve the results of your marketing creative by learning where it will be deployed, whom to target, and how to measure results. We will answer these fundamental brand questions with findings from primary and secondary research as well as sophisticated data collection & analysis. We put great minds together, dig deep into your business, and build a strategy that informs how to best promote your brand. 

Website Design and Development

Beauty & usability

Our staff of designers and programmers work tirelessly to ensure that form and function complement each other in every website we build. We have produced web pages and apps with various designs and complexity for businesses in a broad range of company sizes and industries.

Since developing a proprietary content management system, Merlin®, we have opened the door for you to access and change your site's content at will. This empowers you to create and alter your website to suit your business needs.

Not in a front of a computer but have an urgent need for a website update? No problem. Our team is available to make changes on your behalf - all it takes is a quick phone call. 

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Digital Advertising

Money well spent

Traditional advertising methods, such as television and print, are becoming less relevant, more expensive, and can't provide useful data metrics to understand why your brand pays for them. Digital advertising provides more cost-effective, measurable, and fast solutions. Whether your brand needs help transitioning to Search advertising on Google, or Social Media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (and more), we can fully manage your advertising on these platforms to get better results. 

Web Applications

Customized Business Solutions

Custom-built tools are invaluable because of their ability to transform the operations of your organization. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Whether it's seamless online auction platforms, GPS-integrated mapping tools, improved database filing systems, or e-commerce solutions, the sky is the limit.

We not only create and integrate your tools, but you will have access to a professional support team whenever you need it. 

Video Production

To showcase or simply to inform

If websites and apps are the vehicles that drive the internet, then videos are premium gasoline. Fueling your marketing activities with brand-explainer videos, digitally-rendered videos, and high-quality commercial videos, we can help get your brand into the best light. 


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