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Identifying problems,
creating solutions

Website design and development:

Beauty & usability

Our staff of designers and programmers work tirelessly to ensure that form and function complement each other in every website. Because of our custom-built content management system, the team has produced a broad range of web pages and apps with various designs and complexity.

Web Applications & Merlin

Complete control over content

We have created and built a custom proprietary content management system, Merlin®. This revolutionary tool allows our clients to change and shape their sites at will, empowering them to create whatever they envision.

Learn more about Merlin

Marketing Strategy

Planning steps for success

Great creative won’t help you achieve your goals without a strategic plan for where it’s deployed, whom it targets, and how its results are measured. We put great minds together, dig deep into your business, and build the strategy that produces quality marketing.

Brand Promotion

Making it memorable

We recognize that the key to successful branding — the character and personality of your business — is to balance creativity with consistency. JNT finds the most effective platforms for each client to advertise, influence, and promote their stories. From logo design, social media graphics, traditional print ads and brochures, to site design — we’ve got you covered.

Content development and copywriting:

Gasconade the gutsy & grand

Gasconade: extravagant boasting; boastful talk. We love to find the perfect combination of words, images and graphics to create compelling content that tells a story, resonates with audiences, and cuts through the clutter — whether through traditional visuals, or digital and social media.

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