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As the 2024 new year approaches, the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and expand, therefore it is crucial to align your business strategy with your core marketing needs to achieve success. Businesses need to assess their 2024 marketing budget to ensure that they have the essential tools needed to achieve their goals and objectives. According to insights from Gartner, your 2024 marketing budget should be at least 9.1% of your total company revenue. Our marketing team has assessed four principal marketing tools businesses should consider investing in this upcoming year. From the foundational need for a well-development website that anchors your online presence, to the internal branding that creates your business’s unique identity, to the enhanced customer experiences through app development, and the engaging storytelling content brought to life through video production - we will discuss why these marketing tools are indispensable for your business. 

Website Development 

Your business’s online presence, regardless of the industry, can have an impact on the visibility, credibility, and success of the business. Having a website is imperative for businesses to reach new and existing customers, as the majority of customers will visit a website before they decide to make a purchase. With consumers turning to online search engines for information and purchasing decisions, a business without an online presence risks losing potential customers to competitors with a website. A website helps businesses remain competitive in the market as it serves as the digital storefront of your company, providing a centralized and easily accessible platform for customers to learn about your business and its products and services. Furthermore, a well-developed and designed website will enhance the credibility and professionalism of your business, helping instill trust in consumers and establishing a positive first impression. Additionally, a website facilitates effective communication between your business and customers, enabling you to engage with your audience through blogs, newsletters, and social media integration, and streamlining processes by offering online transactions, appointment scheduling, customer support, and contributing to operational efficiency. 

A study conducted with over 500 business executives shows that 32% of the respondents will prioritize website design and development in their 2024 marketing budget due to the extreme importance of having a well-developed website for your business. In essence, a website is not merely a technological asset; it is a fundamental component of your business’s success in the digital era by playing a pivotal role in marketing, customer engagement, and overall growth.

Brand Identity 

Consumers are constantly being presented with countless purchasing options in the highly competitive market, therefore effective branding helps your business stand out and create a distinct identity. As the new year approaches, your business needs to assess your brand identity and how you can effectively communicate that brand to customers. Showcasing your brand to prospective customers is one of the most important marketing investments. By clearly establishing who you are and what you represent, you increase the consumers' chances of purchasing from you. Establishing a strong brand identity communicates the company's values, mission, and personality, helping to form a connection with customers on an emotional level. This emotional connection fosters loyalty and trust, turning one-time buyers into repeat customers and advocates for the brand. Additionally, a consistent and cohesive brand identity across various platforms and communication channels enhances brand recognition, making it easier for customers to recall and choose your particular product or service against competitors. Overall, prioritizing your business’s branding and brand identity in your 2024 marketing plans is an investment in the long-term success and sustainability of your business. 

App Development

Businesses need to have a direct connection to their customers, and this can be accomplished through investing in customer service tools and applications. By providing top-notch customer service, businesses can boost customer engagement and encourage customer loyalty. These customer service goals can be accomplished by investing in a web or mobile application to help you better serve your customers. These custom applications serve as essential tools that can facilitate communication, interaction, and connection between businesses and customers.

Web and mobile apps can cater to your business needs by being equipped with important features such as customer dashboards, loyalty programs, self-service options, customer support, and real-time chats. These features can offer a quick and easily accessible way for your business to receive customer orders, address customer concerns, resolve support requests, deliver timely responses to customer inquiries, and more. In return, these features foster a sense of trust and reliability that not only contributes to positive customer experiences but also bolsters brand loyalty and reputation. Furthermore, mobile apps ensure that customers can access the information they need anytime, anywhere, which increases accessibility and responsiveness, which is essential in today's fast-paced world.

Your business could benefit from investing in a custom web or mobile app as they serve as powerful tools to build strong customer relationships by enhancing the customer experience and driving operational efficiency. 

Video Production 

Over the last several years, video content has become increasingly important for businesses to utilize as a marketing tool, as 89% of marketers reported planning to include video in their marketing strategies over the next several years. Video content should be included in your 2024 marketing plan because it is a highly flexible asset that helps increase customer leads, enhance brand loyalty, engage existing customers, and boost conversions. 

With 60% of marketers stating that customer engagement is the most vital metric to be tracking, video content highly engages users through visual appeal, storytelling, emotional impact, and dynamic content. Videos can convey complex messages concisely and engagingly and can effectively communicate your brand story, product features, and value proposition through visually appealing content. This dynamic form of communication helps capture and maintain viewer attention, increasing the likelihood of attracting new customers. Additionally, videos facilitate emotional connections, allowing businesses to connect with their audience on a deeper level. By incorporating storytelling, testimonials, and compelling visuals, video marketing creates a memorable experience that fosters brand loyalty. Furthermore, video production is a flexible resource to invest in as it can be used on various marketing channels to enhance your marketing strategy. Video production can be used for social media marketing, digital advertising, and your website to increase search engine optimization and site engagement. 

Consumers seek authenticity, transparency, and an immersive experience, and video production allows businesses to showcase their personalities, culture, and values while building trust and credibility with their target audience. Ultimately, this powerful marketing tool is a great investment to help your business captivate, connect, and convert customers. 

Website development, brand identity, app development, and video marketing are four powerful marketing tools that you should consider investing in to help drive your business forward in achieving its 2024 goals. If you are looking to get started with any of these services or would like more information, check out our services at and contact our team at! We are here to help you start 2024 on the right path! 

-Claire Clark

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