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Empower is JNT Company's unique internship program designed for students to gain real experience in the marketing world. The program is sponsored by local businesses in Manhattan & surrounding areas, thereby giving interns the opportunity to network with business owners and learn from their expertise. 


Interns have the opportunity to create a website from scratch, participate in Lunch & Learns with the programs sponsors, learn about brand strategy & videography, plan events, manage social medias, participate in fun group events and learn from JNT team members about the importance of web marketing. 

Whether it's marketing, PR, graphic design, content writing, web or video, there's a place for you in Empower and we want you to bring your passions to our program. 

Empower will take place from May 26-June 26, 2020. It will be an unpaid internship. 
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The JNT Empower Blog

JNT Empower

2020 Empower Team

For our 2020 Empower Program, JNT selected six K-State students to serve as interns for four
weeks. The interns worked in teams to help Kansas Archery Center and Palen Farms create new
websites and expand on other marketing skills, including social media strategies and promotion
tools. Our interns also attended Lunch and Learns with various local companies and
participated in fun team events, such as LOCKED, FootGolf, MHK Brewery Tour, Kestrel Drone,
and VR In-Motion.  
Introducing our 2020 Empower Interns...

Aaron Crotinger

“With the lack of knowledge on how internships usually work, I was nervous to begin working with a company I had only heard good things about. While JNT specializes in marketing and web design, meeting with the other interns proved that JNT was seeking people with varying interests and skills. JNT has created an internship experience that in only a few short weeks, has allowed their interns to know what working in a fast-paced environment is like. Everyone at the company was willing to help whenever there was a question or to lend a guiding hand. The Empower Internship is a great first step for someone with no previous experience.”

Johnathon Terry

“As a Computer Science major The JNT Empower program was a great opportunity for me to experience the full breadth of what is required when building a website for a client. It was very eye-opening because I was able to see first-hand the process required to meet the needs of the client.”

Callie Pfeffer-Hahn

“As a starting intern in the JNT Empower program, I knew that I would be working in Marketing, my current major, but did not expect to have the opportunity to learn & work first hand with Developers & Graphic designers. I saw myself grow in other departments that I never imagined my skills fitting into. In the end, I was chosen as one of the interns to work with JNT through the summer, and now continuing through my Senior year at K-State. The employees at JNT make you feel that what you are doing is truly helping your clients, you are not just fulfilling a list of tasks that you need to get done for the week. The experience that you will get working at JNT is unlike any other internship in the Manhattan area.”

2018 Sponsors and Clients

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