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Our roots are deeply planted

We are an interactive web and marketing agency, specializing in creative solutions. Our process is to work with every client as uniquely powerful; no more prefabricated, one-size-fits-all solutions. The most important thing to us is our clients’ success, and how we achieve that is to constantly innovate and improve. 

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Building a site with JNT Company is truly a collaborative experience. Tell them what you want and what you like, and they bring it to life. They created a website for us that was better than we could have ever envisioned. Now, not only is our website designed beautifully, but the functionality and ease of management makes it very easy for us to maintain.

—Darrell Tierney, Senior Wealth Manager, Windward Private Wealth Management Inc.


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Kelly Kell

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Founder of JNT Company - Jeff Hake

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Search Engine Optimization

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