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  • Kistner's Flowers Begins the New Year Blooming

    As one of Manhattan’s longest-running locally owned businesses, Kistner’s Flowers has provided the community with floral arrangements for a number of occasions for over 75 years. While locally-owned businesses in the area – and all over the nation – faced deficits over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, Kistner’s Flowers used the time as a chance to do a full rebrand.

  • Simple and Succinct

    As I continue to meet wise and intelligent individuals, I’ve begun to understand that there is a unique trait that sets them apart: The ability to take dense subject matter and explain it in a way that is quickly and easily understood. Messaging that is simple and succinct (thought credit: Clint Antholz) has a way of cutting through the noise of everything else that is superfluous and wordy.

  • Why Choose Digital Marketing During COVID-19?

    In this world of consistent change and fear of the unknown future, digital marketing has surfaced as a sustainable and reliable tool that will help us and our companies reach the stability that we need.

  • MKTG 101: Digital Branding Decisions

    Digital marketing continues to be one of the fastest-growing communications mediums with ever-expanding ways of creating meaningful relationships with your customer base. 

  • When a Pandemic Teaches Marketing Lessons

    While these are bizarre and scary times, they have helped to reveal some hopeful truths to the world of business--more specifically, small business.

    Digital Marketing

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