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Benefits of Digital Advertising - Blog

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Digital advertising continues to be one of the top choices of marketers and businesses of any kind to grow their online presence, interact with their customers and provide valuable content. In fact, the total amount of digital advertising spend is forecasted to continue increasing, with no signs of slowing down: in 2022, more than $700 billion will be spent. There are several benefits to choosing digital advertising over other methods such as traditional print or TV advertising, as well as promoting your digital channels organically. 

At JNT, we approach digital advertising in a holistic manner. By carefully selecting platforms and placements that work best for your goals, and by carefully tracking those goals in a measurable fashion, we can help grow your business's online presence, no matter your specific needs. 

Below, you can find some information on the key benefits of pursuing digital advertising to achieve your marketing initiatives.


1. Flexible and responsive. 


Considering the wide variety of platforms and placements within each platform, there is a tremendous opportunity to promote your brand, regardless of the complexity of your strategy or goals. Whether you are seeking to establish brand awareness for a new product or service or convert new leads, each platform has its own strengths, which can be tailored to your unique situation. For example, Facebook and Instagram at their core are visual platforms with extraordinary reach/influence, making it the perfect place to get a large audience familiar with your brand. Whereas a platform like Google Ads excels in providing the opportunity for a customer to interact with your brand when they are searching for a specific product/service. Your company and your situation is a unique one, and at JNT, we develop a strategy to utilize the best mix of platforms and placements to reach your goals. 


2. Effective with a limited budget.


One of the greatest benefits of digital advertising is the transparency of the results, thus making it ideal for companies with a limited marketing budget. Since the data is immediately accessible in real-time, and clearly depicts whether or not the campaign is performing well, you can easily increase or decrease spend based on your internal factors or external disruptions. This flexibility to change the budget or bid strategy gives your business a unique advantage compared to other platforms. 

3. Your customers are there.

Our expectations have changed in a big way. As consumers, we now anticipate to buy, sell, or interact with content within a limited amount of clicks. It is essential for businesses to embrace new mediums and placements where your market is interacting with other brands and competitors. More than half of the world’s population now regularly uses social media, and ecommerce sales on these platforms are anticipated to cross $1 trillion for the first time in the U.S. 


4. Highly effective, especially if used with multiple channels


Creating a complete online experience is vital to develop a strong and credible presence in the digital marketing landscape. Utilizing multiple platforms and channels, and maintaining a consistent approach, is key to maximizing the opportunity for your market to interact, find, and purchase from your brand. Around 45% of all internet users utilize the social media platforms to research products and services: your brand needs to be there. As consumers, the reality is we utilize various search engines and social media platforms to discover new products and services, and to reach us, brands need to be present, active, and ready to interact with interested prospects. In the digital advertising world, the most highly effective strategy is to create synergy between the different platforms and your website, tailoring content wherever your customers may be. 


If you are interested in digital advertising, or want to learn more about the value it can deliver your business, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today!