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Core Score was designed by Mark Queen, who is commonly referred to as a 'Life Coach' by many entrepreneurs who have used his services. Mark is a husband, father of three, owner of several small businesses and an author. He specializes in building navigation teams that assist entrepreneurs in their pursuits both personally and entrepreneurially. Mark gives his time, expertise and resources to a number of organizations including Rotary International, his local church and a business resource group in his home area. He has served as president and chair for many organizations, as well as serving on several boards.

Mark has used his expertise to bring Core Score to new heights, including many workshops in the manhattan area & the opportunity to speak to the Omaha Chapter of the National Association of Independent Financial Advisor (NAIFA). 

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What is Core Score?

Mark created Core Score to help entrepreneurs be more successful through high levels of accountability and growth. He does this by first leading them to develop a strong foundation of faith and navigating them through the process of answering their own life questions; and then showing them ways to achieve success personally, professionally, and financially. Core Score is driven by the belief that being an entrepreneur does not mean you have to do it by yourself.

Mark has offered different workshops with Core Score, all structured differently & designed with activities that keep the audience engaged. All workshops are designed with entrepreneurs and business people in mind in order to be sure you are feeling empowered after the workshop and can Navigate Your Life.

Here are some of Cores Scores Past workshop topics:

  • The Accelerate Workshop - July 2017 
    "Everyone needs a jump start with *some* aspect of their business or life. This workshop is just the boost you need."
  • The Power Team Workshop - October 2017
    "Anyone can hire people but that doesn't make them a team. This workshop will explore a transformation of your people into a power team."
  • The Clarity Workshop - Feb 2018
    "The more clarity we have towards what we are building the easier it is to build it. What does your company look like in the future?" 


Visit: for more information on Mark Queen & Core Score.