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Founder / CEO 

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Beloit, KS 

Where did you study: Mostly in my room & sometimes a library ;-)

Favorite Vacay Spot: Mountains!!

Favorite TV Series: Family Ties

Celebrity Crush: Scarlett Johansson  

First Job: Ostrich Farmhand  Favorite Color: Orange 

If I was an animal,  I would be: Crocodile 

I would max out my credit card on: Amazon 

If I could have a super power it would be: Telekinesis

Talents & Passions: Playing guitar & piano; building (kids playhouse); fishing; target shooting; chemistry (rockets& explosives) 

Favorite 90s Jam: 

  • In the car: More Human than Human - Rob Zombie 
  • With headphones: Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
  • Working out: No More tears - Ozzy Osborn 

Best Concert: Garth Brooks

Biggest Pet Peeves: When people overuse “like” in a sentence – like you know, when people like try to like explain something.

Something people may not know about me: I owned, operated, and sold a DJ service (H&T Music) in my twenties.

Books I like: Anything Stephen King

Worst Pet: Hermit Crab  Best Pet: Dog 

Favorite Movie: American Beauty 

Favorite thing about working at JNT: We get to dream, create, and deliver some amazing products and services to our clients.

Outside of Work:  Track & Field coach & anything Elon Musk is up to!