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Facebook Ads 

Facebook is the largest app in the world with over 3 billion active monthly users. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a large number of customers through Facebook ads. Meta Ads Manager is an advertising platform designed to help businesses reach customers with engaging ads across a variety of apps, including Facebook. Facebook ads are paid posts to promote products or services to help your business increase online sales, drive in-store traffic, find new customers, build awareness, and more. 

How Facebook Ads Work 

Meta Ads Manager is Facebook’s advertising dashboard where advertisers can create and share engaging ads that appear across a range of devices. Facebook ads can appear in multiple places on the app, including users’ feeds, stories, messengers, and the marketplace. There are a variety of Facebook ad types and formats, such as images, videos, carousels, instant experiences, collections, and more. These ads look similar to regular Facebook posts, except they are labeled as sponsored posts and include more post features such as call-to-action buttons, links, and product catalogs. 


When creating a Facebook ads campaign, the platform allows you to choose from a wide range of campaign objectives. The platform is designed to support the growth of your campaign objective by strategically placing ads in front of the right customers. For example, if your campaign objective is to drive website traffic, then the platform’s algorithm will strategically show your ads to customers who are most likely to click on your website link. Meta Ads Manager also lets you set audience targeting options for each ad set based on demographics, location, interests, behaviors, and other Facebook profile information. Audience targeting will increase the likelihood that your ad will be seen by customers in your target audience and increase ad interactions. You can also set a daily or a lifetime budget for your Facebook ads. If you want your ads to run continuously throughout the day, you should set a daily budget, but if you only want your ads to run for a specific timeframe, then you can set a lifetime budget. This helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your ad spend. Furthermore, the ads platform will regulate the daily and lifetime budgets so that your ad spend does not exceed your set budgets. 

Advantages of Investing in Facebook Ads 

Check out a few reasons why investing in Facebook ads is the right choice for your business. 


1.  Reach Large Audiences 

With Facebook being the largest social networking site in the world, one of the major advantages of advertising on Facebook is its ability to reach a large audience. With so many customers scrolling through the app daily, your target audience will likely see your ads while using the app. Also, the app can help you find new target audiences to increase your brand reach even further. 


2.  Highly Customizable Ads

Facebook’s ad features help you create flexible and customizable ads that will fit your advertising objectives and accurately reflect your business. The platform is designed to make it easy to create different formats and placements for each ad. This can help you compare the different ad types to find the highest-performing. For example, you can compare the engagement rates between video or image ads or test between placing your ads on customers’ feeds or stories. This allows you to find the most effective ad types that resonate with your audience.


3.  Enhanced Audience Targeting 

You can target specific features of your ideal audience to make sure you are reaching the right people for your business. This will control who your ads appear to and narrow down your audience to the people most likely to be potential customers. Once your ad is created, the platform will evaluate the ad and its audience settings to determine the best locations for the ad to be placed to reach the right customers. It will then show your ad to people in your audience who are most likely to engage, and over time the platform will narrow down your audience even further based on the ad's engagement to help you get the best results.  


Meta Ads Manager also has the option to save a target audience's parameters so that once you find the settings that reach the right audience for your business, you can use these settings again when creating new ad sets. This will help you save time when creating new ads and help you continue to reach the right customers. The ads platform also allows you to set your budget based on specific audiences, therefore, you can allocate your spending to the customers who will get the most value from your ad's offering. This will ensure that your budget is being best utilized for a return on investment. 


4.  Track Performance in Real-Time 

Another advantage to investing in Facebook ads is the platform's ability to record and share your ad’s performance in real-time. Meta Ads Manager has built-in ad analytics that show you detailed reports on the metrics that are important to you. These easy-to-understand reports will help you quickly assess your ad’s performance to know which ads are performing best and which ads could use adjustments to further improve results. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of all that Meta Ads has to offer for your business, contact us to see how our team can find the best digital advertising fit to deliver outstanding results for you,

-Claire Clark

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