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How Promotional Videos Can Help Achieve Your Marketing Goals - Blog

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Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are video content businesses use to promote a specific product, service, event, or sale to customers. Promotional videos are a marketing tool designed to engage and attract your target audience by showcasing the key features, benefits, or highlights of your promoted offering. Promotional videos are often used across various platforms, including television, digital channels, social media, and websites, to effectively convey a message and persuade your audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, attending an event, or subscribing to a service.


These videos can vary in style and content depending on your specific goals for the promotion and the target audience. Some examples of promotional videos include product videos, video advertisements, testimonial videos, product or service launch videos, and more. These videos can use a combination of visuals, audio, text, and narration to create a compelling and memorable message that will resonate with customers. The ultimate goal is to create a positive impression and generate interest in the promoted product, service, or event.

Benefits of Promotional Videos

Video marketing is crucial in helping businesses capture the attention of their audience by communicating information about their products and services, showcasing the value that the company has to offer, and staying competitive in the marketplace. Many businesses choose to invest in the creation of promotional videos over other forms of advertising because video appeals to their audience in a way that text cannot. 


Here are a few key benefits of investing in promotional videos for your marketing strategy:


1. Increase Engagement & Visibility 
Videos can capture the audience's attention more effectively than text or static images. Engaging visuals combined with audio and motion make promotional videos more compelling and memorable as a dynamic platform to create a deeper connection with the audience. Furthermore, video has higher engagement rates than other forms of content as consumers may not want to or have the time to read lengthy product descriptions or promotions, so video is a quick and easy medium for audiences to consume, understand, and connect with. 


Video is one of the most popular content types on social media and tends to receive higher visibility than other types of content. Utilizing promotional videos on social platforms through organic or paid media can help boost your social engagement, increase your product or service visibility, and reach a larger audience through video sharing among users. Video can also attract mobile users, as 77% of consumers use a mobile device or tablet to watch videos online. Video content is easily consumable on the go, and creating mobile-friendly promotional videos will allow your business to further tap into the growing mobile user audience. 



2. Influence Buying Decisions 
Video marketing has not only transformed marketing strategies on how businesses promote their products and services but has also revolutionized how sales professionals connect with and convert prospects. Promotional video becomes an extension of your sales team by informing your target audience on exactly what you offer and assisting your sales team in qualifying and connecting with new leads. It can serve as a versatile tool throughout the customer buying journey, offering more than just enhanced engagement and brand awareness. Promotional videos can include a clear and compelling call to action, encouraging viewers to take a specific next step, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or visiting a website. Research shows that 92% of marketers see a positive return on investment from their video marketing efforts, and including video content on key landing pages of your website can increase conversion rates by 80%



3. Improve Search Engine Optimization 
Another benefit of producing video content for your business is to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. A study found that website pages with video content are 53% more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google’s search engine results page. By incorporating video on your site, your search rankings can improve as video enhances the quality and credibility of the page and increases the time visitors spend on the website. This helps ensure that search engines will prioritize these website pages because of the perceived quality and trustworthiness of the site. Furthermore, video content has been shown to produce a 41% higher click-through rate and a 50 times higher chance of improved organic ranking. Overall, investing in the production of promotional video content for your website can have a positive impact on your search rankings and in return increase your business’s website traffic, brand awareness, and prospective customers. 

Promotional videos can be a versatile and impactful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience, drive desired actions, and increase brand awareness. If you want to learn more about the benefits of producing promotional videos for your business and how the JNT Team can transform ideas into compelling visuals that will resonate with your audience, contact us at

-Claire Clark

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