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Hi! My name is Claire Clark and I am a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Leadership Studies.  During my junior year, I set out to search for internship opportunities for the upcoming summer.  I was a little nervous and unsure where to look! I found out about a networking event that my college was hosting and it was there that I first met JNT. I learned that JNT is a local marketing agency that works with other local businesses to provide them with marketing solutions. JNT offers an internship program every summer and I decided to apply because it seemed like a great company and program that challenges its interns to be creative and think outside the box for marketing solutions.   


I was accepted as a 2022 JNT summer intern in the Empower program.  The Empower program is designed for students to gain real-world marketing experience by working hands-on with a local client. The internship was a five-week program that consisted of 6 marketing interns and 2 website developer interns. Alongside my team, I was able to create, design, and present a website and marketing tools for a local business, create a mock marketing proposal that addressed a strategy for social media, branding, and website solution, and established and implemented a social media strategy for JNT’s Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Client Project 

The main project for the Empower internship is working with a local client to provide them with a new website through JNT’s website software.  The interns split into teams to work with their clients.  Within each team, there is a team leader, a client liaison, and a content manager. I was the team leader for my team, therefore, I was tasked with overseeing the project, managing deadlines, and leading team meetings.  


My team's client was Library Liquor; a local liquor store in Aggieville. The first step in this project was meeting with the business owner to review his current website and discuss his ideas for the new site.  We walked through different opportunities, website templates, and application features that could benefit the business. Then, over the next four weeks, we worked together to design the new site by producing fresh copy content and taking updated photos of the business. We stayed in continual communication with our client to ensure that his needs and wants were met throughout the process. 


My team also researched other marketing opportunities that Library Liquor could benefit from. We created new “library card” designs to better match the branding structure of the business, we compiled social media suggestions for Library Liquor’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and we analyzed digital advertising opportunities to further the business’ visibility on search engine result pages.  


Then during the last week of the internship, we created a final presentation to present to the business owner to showcase the new website and discuss our additional marketing suggestions and tools. Our client was very pleased with the new site and also decided to work further with JNT to explore the other marketing suggestions we had.  One of these tools was to implement an interactive drink calculator into the new website to enhance the user’s experience so they can instantly get the exact amount of alcohol needed for a party or event.  


This project helped me improve my critical thinking, dedication, and team working skills.  My critical thinking skills were enhanced because I had to think outside the box to provide new and successful marketing solutions to our client within a quick time frame. I had never created a website before, therefore I had to learn all the ins and outs of JNT’s website software. This was a great opportunity for me to learn something new and challenge myself. Also, I really enjoyed being able to work closely with a whole team of marketing students because everyone brought new and exciting ideas to the table as we designed content, researched solutions, and presented outcomes. 


Check out the Library Liquor website: library liquor website


We were able to accomplish a lot during this internship, but it wasn’t all work! We were able to have some great experiences and adventures that helped our team bond and gain some connections in the Manhattan community. Every Friday afternoon, we met with members of a local business over lunch to learn more about their business.  This was a great way to learn more about our community and make connections. Some fun events that the interns did together were participating in an escape room, playing miniature golf, going axe throwing, and attending a Royals baseball game in Kansas City! 


Throughout the internship, I had so much fun getting to know each of the interns and making some great memories! This internship allowed me to strengthen and gain so many skills and marketing experience! At the end of the internship, JNT offered me a position as a part-time marketing coordinator throughout the school year.  Therefore, I have been able to continue learning and working alongside an amazing team that encourages me and challenges me daily! I would highly encourage anyone to apply if you are interested in marketing, communications, or computer science because you will be given amazing opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills in a variety of ways! 


Click the link below to apply today to be a part of the Empower Internship! 


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-Claire Clark 

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