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JNT {Empower} Summer Internship - Blog

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We believe internships should the first stepping stone in a bright and successful career. For this reason, we've created an exciting and challenging internship competition called JNT Empower! Empowering our employees is something we strive for here at JNT. We like for all our team members to own their own projects and know their role is significant because we are, after all, a team.

Our internship program reflects all the things that are important at JNT: teamwork, deadlines and most importantly, creativity. The summer internship consists of a four week competition between teams of 3. Each team will have a marketing/sales team member, a web developer, and a designer. The first week will be orientation and team building where the interns will receive their teams and the clients they will be working with. In the second two weeks, the teams will have access to communication with JNT staff and develop marketing, branding, logo design, a website and a unique creative element for their client. The fourth week will be wrap up and pitch week. We will have a day for the teams to pitch to the JNTeam and then a day for the teams to pitch to their clients. This gives the intern real life experience in a client meeting and how to present in a professional manner. After the pitch, the client will get the opportunity to purchase what the team has created and we will delegate a winner of the competition. This four week internship competition is an unpaid internship. However, at the end of the four weeks, we will pick interns who have gone above and beyond and shone through the process, and give them a paid internship for the rest of the summer. No matter if an intern receives this part of the internship or not, they have participated in something that is applicable to their portfolio, resume, and real life experience.

We are extremely thrilled to bring this unique internship experience to the young adults of Manhattan. If you are interested in applying please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page and select “Internship/Employment”. Be sure to also attach your resume!

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story” –Gary Vaynerchuck