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Kistner's Flowers Begins the New Year Blooming - Blog

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About Kistner’s Flowers

As one of Manhattan’s longest-running locally owned businesses, Kistner’s Flowers has provided the community with floral arrangements for a number of occasions for over 75 years. In 2006, the business was purchased by Matt and Bronwyn Douglas after having worked at the business for years. The two have and continue to receive the prestigious titles of AIFD and CFD, making them two of approximately 1,600 florists in the nation with the accreditation. 

While locally-owned businesses in the area – and all over the nation – faced deficits over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, Kistner’s Flowers used the time as a chance to do a full rebrand.

“We have never realized the importance of living in a town like Manhattan until [COVID-19] happened,” Bronwyn said. “We love that it’s a small enough town that you really can get to know people and one of the things about our business is that it’s not just a transaction but it’s hopefully a relationship eventually … That’s important to us and throughout this pandemic, people have come in to let us know that we matter and that they want us to stick around.”

JNT’s work with Kistner’s Flowers included a custom website design, logo refresh, e-commerce solution, and POS integrations.


Custom Website Design

Kistner’s new custom web design displays a cohesive site that aligns with the overall look and appeal of the brand. Updated photography of floral arrangements, sleeker logo design, and a professional portfolio helped to elevate Kistner’s website to a vibrant and descriptive space.

“Matt and I decided that we really wanted to take ownership of the brand of our company,” Bronwyn said. “We wanted to really be proud and stand behind everything that we use in our store and having a website that really represented us and the work that was leaving our store became really important to us.” 


Logo Refresh

We updated the original logo to better reflect the aesthetic of Kistner’s. The new logo includes a darker background surrounded by bright flowers.

“The look of the website really reflects the outside of our building … there won’t be any question about where they are,” Bronwyn said. 


E-Commerce and Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

To enhance the customer purchasing experience online, we integrated Shopify, a POS system for small businesses, into Kistner’s new website. Customers can now shop and purchase Kistner’s products directly from the site.


Visit to view their new website or stop in at 1901 Pillsbury Dr. to shop locally.