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Mayara: Where is She Now? - Blog

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Mayara Garay Kostianovsky

Meet Mayara!!!

Mayara Garay Kostianovsky was one of JNT's first Empower interns back in 2016. Unfortunately, due to Mayara being an international student at Kansas State University she wasn't able to continue working at JNT post-empower. However, Mayara has been able to continue her professional career in Asuncion, Paraguay as a Public Policy Analyst for a consulting firm called MCS. Mayara even says that she would consider her current position to be her dream job!


Mayara's education includes a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus on Print, as well as a certificate in political journalism from the Fund for American Studies at George Mason University. She is also currently enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Boston in the Global Comparison Public Administration Master Program and will be graduating this May. 

During her time in Manhattan, Mayara was an excellent addition to our JNT team.  Throughout Empower we were very impressed with her confidence and ability to speak with clients. Mayara shared that this was something she appreciated about the Empower program. Saying, "I think the difference with the JNT internship was that we had direct communications with the clients, that made all the difference because it gave the groups more autonomy to decide the strategies"


Mayara's group worked with Circles Manhattan an organization that works with people in the transition between low and medium income. She commented that it was a great organization and she enjoyed being able to "go to their meetings and meet the people who worked for the organization and the ones benefiting from it"


Do you think your time with JNT helped you in your current position? 

"Definitely, I think everything we do in life helps us get where we want to be, wherever that is, even if the day-to-day tasks of the job aren't the same, every internship or job opportunity we get shapes us in to the type of professionals we become, you always learn something (or a lot) from internships like Empower, from minimal stuff like writing a press release to more important things -in my opinion- like values."

More From Mayara:

I love graphic design! I get to free my creativity through that so sometimes I will do freelance design for small companies. I also love to write. I used to have a personal blog, but with work and study it is hard to keep up. So for now I just write in a notebook whenever I feel like. Another joy of mine is traveling; I try to go at least once a year to somewhere that I've never been to before.