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A look back at our FIRST ever Empower Program: Meet Callie Fry - Blog

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Callie Fry 

First things first, everyone at JNT wants to give a big CONGRATS to Callie & Joel on their marriage back in September!! We all wish you the absolute best. 


Callie was a member of our first ever empower internship program back in 2016 and it is because of awesome interns like her that we have been able to continue our Empower program for 4 years now. After Callie completed the Empower program, she continued with JNT as a Client Services & Marketing Associate and graduated from KSU in December of 2017 with her degree in Marketing.


NOW, Callie is living in Dallas, TX and working as a Customer Success Specialist at The Expert Institute.  Callie explains her role, stating that "miscommunication isn't an option" and that JNT Company played a huge role in her success in her new position. Primarily, Callie is working with Attorneys to find the perfect expert witnesses for a case.. She says "whether it is trial deadlines or needing a report done within a week, it is on me to correctly inform our doctors or researchers what they are requesting". 


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Do you think that your time with JNT helped you in your current position? If so, how?

"Absolutely – When I came on as an intern with JNT I was thrown onto projects right away and actually began working on JNTs internal Marketing strategy. This really allowed me to understand and work on internal and external communication. With our developers and graphic designer working remotely It was truly on us to reach out and efficiently communicate what was needed to be done otherwise we would become behind or have to go back to edit what was miscommunicated."


More about Callie 

  • Callie states that in her free time she loves exploring trails, breweries and lakes around Dallas 
  • In September Callie got married to K-State grad Joel Fry (EEK!) 
  • Callie & Joel also just added a sweet puppy into their family and are working to get her trained and used to the outdoors.