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labco launch photo Our 5-week summer internship, Empower, allows success driven students the ability to test their knowledge and gain experience in a friendly, cooperative, and creative environment that defines JNT. Cameron Greenfield, one of the recent “graduates” from the Empower internship, describes the empower internship as: “An exciting opportunity for any marketing related student, who seeks an experienced centered internship to develop their capabilities. The friendships and professional experience have been monumental for me”.   


Cameron is from Wichita, Kansas and currently a junior at Kansas State studying Marketing. One of the many projects our interns work on, is collaborating on a marketing project for an actual client. In Cameron’s case, his team worked closely with Little Apple Brewing Company (LABCO) on developing and designing a brand new website, which lead to the design of a new logo on collateral. Cameron speaks on his personal experience working with LABCO: 


“Working with actual clients, especially for someone with little experience as myself, was incredibly valuable. Kelly at LABCO was a blast to work alongside, and learning how to build those professional relationships early on was huge.” 


Our clients love to work with the best and brightest of the next generation: “Em·pow·er: to make (someone) stronger and more confident. For us it was our business (LABCO). It was time for a re-brand. We needed help looking at our company culture from the consumer’s perspective. The collaborative partnership of trust with us and the Empower interns in understanding our long term vision and effectively implementing our re-branding, no doubt, was THE BEST any business owner could ask for.” –Kelly Loub, Co-owner, Little Apple Brewing Company.


The Empower internship also allows for our interns to gain insight into a wide variety of marketing activities that you may not have prior experience in as we are a full service marketing firm, handling everything from digital advertising, graphic design, website development, event marketing and much more. In Cameron’s case: “I never really knew much about digital advertising or website development. With reliable guidance from the full-time employees, I now have a confident understanding of both topics”. 

Take a look at LABCO's new website here:


Cameron is now one of our paid part-time interns at JNT and continues to work extensively with digital advertising strategy and analytics, client services and a variety of other topics. If you're curious to learn more about the Empower internship, visit and fill out an application!