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Search Engine Optimization 

If you're in the world of marketing & communications, than you may be familiar with the term SEO.  However, do you really understand it and are you using it effectively? We discussed this idea during our latest 'Marketing Monday' meeting, presented by The Fellow   Coworking.

'Marketing Monday' is a bi-weekly meeting at The Fellow with a presentation and discussion over new marketing topics. Josh Hicks facilitates the meetings and will put together his personal insight and research for the topic, with questions for a discussion between several Manhattan entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Marketing Monday is a great way to grow your knowledge on a topic in the ever-changing world of Marketing. 

The topic was SEO at the last meeting. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which can basically explain itself, but optimizing your search rankings is something that every website should be thinking about and actively updating. By doing this you will set yourself apart from others of your kind. 

The 4 main ideas presented were: 

  1. Publish Relevant Content 
  2. Update Your Content Regularly 
  3. Have a Link-Worthy Site 
  4. Use Alt Tags 

After exploring these main ideas more in depth it is easy to figure out how to make your SEO top-notch. 

Publishing relevant content  is something that seems self explanatory, however professionals confuse what is absolutely relevant and vital to promote your site. In order to do this successfully you should identify & target a keyword phrase for each site. This keyword phrase should be used once or twice in the Header, Footer and Body in order to make sure you are driving the right audiences and staying relevant to them. 


Updating your content regularly is another way for you to stay on top of the competition. Since many search engines are constantly cycling through millions of sites and content it will benefit your site to be continually updating your sits content in order to heighten your results. Keep it fresh and new and people will notice. 


Have you ever seen a link on a website with the text "Click Here"? By Creating a Link-Worthy site you will illuminate the use of those "click here" type links. Why is this important? Because 'click here' links have absolutely NO search engine value beyond the URL with which it is attached. Meaning, search engines pay no attention to that link. By adding links that are keyword-rich like "Office Space for Rent in Manhattan Kansas" you will be able to maximize the number of times that link is seen. 


Lastly, all of us have different medias on our website right? Well, there is a way to maximize your search results using images on your site. These tools are called Alt Tags or Alternative Text Descriptions. Personalizing your media tags is as easy as changing the name of your medias from "image545" to something more meaningful like "JNTCo-client-services" prior to uploading that image to your website. 


After exploring some of the basic ideas behind SEO you can now optimize your brand into being the top thought leader in your industry & who wouldn't want that? Now, get to SEO-ing!