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Why Choose Digital Marketing During COVID-19? - Blog

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A pandemic, social distancing, constant hand washing, and wearing a mask in public. Why should we focus on digital marketing when we’re just trying to stay afloat? Well, digital marketing will help us do just that.


In this world of consistent change and fear of the unknown future, digital marketing has surfaced as a sustainable and reliable tool that will help us and our companies reach the stability that we need.


Digital marketing encompasses all forms of marketing and advertising through the click of a button (and a strong internet connection). Search engines, social media, emails, and other digital platforms all leverage digital marketing. In fact, I am using digital marketing right now to write this blog and connect with consumers like you (and perhaps most importantly) from the safety of my own home.


Digital marketing grants us endless opportunities and the freedom to get creative and reach our consumers the way that we want to. Marketing digitally has become the new face of businesses. People are spending more time on the internet than ever before. What better way to reach consumers than where they already are?


Why? Traditional marketing will still always have its place in the world, but it is becoming inconvenient, less relevant, and is failing to meet people where they spend most of their time. For example, when looking for somewhere to eat, where do you look first? The internet. The source of truth for every millennial and subsequent generation to follow them. Businesses that have a strong online presence are the businesses that will probably gain you and me as consumers.


Digital marketing has become vital for business and brand awareness.


What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Gain valuable analytical data

Consumers actively interact with digital marketing and through this interaction, we can gain valuable insights that can often allow us to understand consumer motivations, behaviors. These characteristics are needed in order to fully understand and improve the success of your company.


Target a specific audience 

Digital marketing allows us to talk to who we want to. This style of marketing is adaptive and can be used to communicate with demographics that will benefit from our businesses and are interested in similar products or services that we provide. we are also able to provide quick responses and fast updates on published content.


Lower costs

In comparison to traditional marketing, digital marketing simply costs less. It will also allow for businesses of all shapes and sizes to have a competitive edge.


All in all, digital marketing is a business tactic that we all should invest some of our time and energy into. It helps boost presence, it's relevant in today’s world, and it will be reliable during this time of uncertainty.



-Mackensie Haverkamp, Guest Blogger for JNT Company