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In the ever-evolving world of Pay Per-Click (PPC) search advertising, finding trusted partners that use the best practices and drive results can be difficult. With so many options stretching across different providers such as freelancers and agencies, it can be challenging to find such a partner. Luckily, Google launched a Partnership program that provides businesses with the ability to find agencies that offer Google Ads PPC advertising, and who have demonstrated their ability to provide value for their clients. 


To be admitted into the program, an agency must meet three separate requirements including a total amount under management, extensive certifications directly from Google, as well as an optimization score requirement: all of which indicates professional and effective management of your  ads. 


At JNT, we are proud to announce that we have met those requirements, and are officially recognized as a Google Partner. 


There are several key benefits to working with a Google Partner on your next PPC advertising effort. For many industries, advertising on a PPC platform can require a large investment to make sure your ads are competitive with other businesses targeting the same audiences. By working with a Google Partner, you can be assured that your money is well spent and works for your marketing budget. 


While working with a Google Partner, your business will have access to utilizing the latest additions that Google pushes out, and will stay up to date with any changes in best practices, features, and more. Finally, one of the largest benefits of working with a Google Partner is that the Partner has a direct link to Google and has a team ready to work on troubleshooting any issues or offering more information on any recent changes.


At JNT Company, we pride ourselves in delivering a holistic digital marketing strategy. With proven expertise in Google Ads via our partnership, you can be sure that your marketing budget is being used effectively. We partner directly with your business to understand your goals, your triumphs, and your target markets to deliver value to your customers in the form of paid advertising that can help drive a variety of different results. 


By utilizing these features, best practices, and proven strategies from our Google Partnership, our team is equipped to provide excellent advertising strategies and ready to facilitate your marketing efforts, whatever they may be. 


If you are interested in learning more about our Google Ads services, or any of our other Digital Advertising services, be sure to contact us below so we can connect!