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Chéri Schappaugh

Chéri Schappaugh
Front-End Web & ADA Specialist

Chéri, a California-native, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to JNT Company. Prior to joining JNT, Chéri worked with both Innovation Group and then NCTC. With more than 12 years’ experience as a designer working with CSS, HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and the Adobe Suite of applications, Chéri is dedicated to maintaining proficiency in all available web technologies, to the benefit of all her clients.

Chéri was first introduced to the JNT team via a few small projects, but it wasn’t long before everyone recognized her unparalleled skill with web design and front-end development, and asked her to become a permanent asset to JNT Company. Because of Chéri’s solid understanding of the governing principles behind end-user experiences, she excels at translating graphic designs and concepts into intuitive web interfaces and real-world applications.

Chéri is a CSS-fanatic and is passionate about creating beautiful and innovative websites that place her clients at the forefront of web and technological advancement.

In her free time Chéri enjoys hiking and exploring everything that nature has to offer.