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  • Crafting Your Brand Messaging For Your Target Audience

    Telling your company’s brand story in an engaging and consistent manner can be challenging, but it is crucial for marketers to successfully articulate to consumers who the business is, what it does, and why it is different from competitors. The way businesses communicate with their consumers is by developing and implementing a communication plan that is called their brand messaging. Brand messaging is the cumulation of the tone of voice, communication style, language, design, and messaging pillars that tell the story of who the brand is. This messaging creates a way to express the brand’s values, vision, and mission and form deeper connections with consumers. 

    Brand Messaging Graphic

  • Danenberg Jewlers Celebrates a Showroom on Web

    Founded in 1966, Danenberg Jewelers has served the Manhattan Community by providing a place for people to find fine jewelry. In 2019, JNT Company worked with Danenberg Jewelers to create a custom web design which brought an updated and modern design to their online presence. 

  • Get Healthy This New Year with Stonecreek Family Physicians

    Stonecreek Family Physicians is a local health care center with the mission to provide high quality care to patients in a setting that recognizes the essential role of employees and is adaptable to patient needs. In 2019, the business needed an updated and mobile friendly web design as well as digital advertising to get their business at the front of mind for people making their health care decisions. JNT worked with Stonecreek to build a custom website and manage their digital advertising. 

  • How to Build Brand Loyalty

    One of the most important attributes when building a brand strategy is finding ways to create brand loyalty among your customers because companies exist and thrive when they have loyal customers to support them. Brand loyalty is the dedication customers feel toward a brand that compels them to continue buying or interacting with its products or services. Loyal customers will choose a specific brand regardless of competitors, prices, or convenience. Brand loyalty is built through making meaningful connections with your consumers that will result in positive feelings. 

    Brand loyalty graphic

  • GP IDEA Gets An Idea For Web

    Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance was founded in 1994, created with the mission to serve learners by offering online, flexible and affordable instruction for a virtual community of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Along with lead institution Kansas State University, GP IDEA is teamed up with 19 other public universities across the United States to educate those studying Human Sciences and Agriculture. In 2017, the business collaborated with JNT to build a custom web design, custom web application, and create a video series. 

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