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  • Simple and Succinct

    As I continue to meet wise and intelligent individuals, I’ve begun to understand that there is a unique trait that sets them apart: The ability to take dense subject matter and explain it in a way that is quickly and easily understood. Messaging that is simple and succinct (thought credit: Clint Antholz) has a way of cutting through the noise of everything else that is superfluous and wordy.

  • Why Choose Digital Marketing During COVID-19?

    In this world of consistent change and fear of the unknown future, digital marketing has surfaced as a sustainable and reliable tool that will help us and our companies reach the stability that we need.

  • MKTG 101: Digital Branding Decisions

    Digital marketing continues to be one of the fastest-growing communications mediums with ever-expanding ways of creating meaningful relationships with your customer base. 

  • When a Pandemic Teaches Marketing Lessons

    While these are bizarre and scary times, they have helped to reveal some hopeful truths to the world of business--more specifically, small business.

    Digital Marketing

  • MKTG 101: Elements of a Marketing Strategy

    Marketing is a broad and diverse buzzword that can describe everything from advertising, distribution, branding, pricing, and product design. Regardless of the types of decisions you might be making within this “umbrella,” the strategic portion of these decisions is vital, but often confusing.

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