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  • Inside Look at Empower Internship

    Hi! My name is Claire Clark and I am a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Leadership Studies. During my junior year, I set out to search for internship opportunities for the upcoming summer and I found JNT through a networking event that my college was hosting. I learned that JNT is a local marketing agency that works with other local businesses to provide them with marketing solutions. JNT offers an internship program every summer and I decided to apply because it seemed like a great company and program that challenges its interns to be creative and think outside the box for marketing solutions.   

    I was accepted as a 2022 JNT summer intern in the Empower program.  The Empower program is designed for students to gain real-world marketing experience by working hands-on with a local client. The internship was a five-week program that consisted of 6 marketing interns and 2 website developer interns. Alongside my team, I was able to create, design, and present a website and marketing tools for a local business, create a mock marketing proposal that addressed a strategy for social media, branding, and website solution, and established and implemented a social media strategy for JNT’s Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

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  • How to Make Your Website Stand Out

    Having an online presence for your business is essential in helping your company gain awareness and generate more revenue. 81% of customers looking to make a purchase will start their decision process by searching through websites online. Having a strong website can make or break your company’s ability to bring in new customers and retain others.  

    But, many business owners are reluctant to get online because creating and upkeeping a website can be a tedious and time-consuming task. And not to mention, how do you get your website to stand out against your competitors?  

    There are a couple of distinguishing factors that will make your website unique and easy to maintain through partnering with JNT. At JNT our websites are custom built and designed to make managing easier and have a wide variety of capabilities to help grow your business.  

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  • Working with a Google Partner

    JNT Company LLC is proud announce our admission as a Google Partner! We are excited to work with your business on your next digital advertising campaign! Learn more about the Google Partner Program and our process! 

  • Creating a Complete Online Experience

    The strategy in question is called an omnichannel strategy, and it aims to use multiple platforms to create a holistic experience for digital consumers. It does this by employing consistent branding across several touchpoints, along with mass personalization to tailor content for each stage of the potential buyer’s journey. 

  • Benefits of Digital Advertising

    JNT Company LLC provides digital advertising services for local businesses. Here are some practical ways you can learn more about the benefits of digital advertising.

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